sound design

Audio is a critical element in all productions and here at LPI we pay very special attention to it. Vince Miller, our post audio specialist, pilots our Pro Tools HD suite in Kalamazoo and truly makes it sing. Need voices? Our technical capabilities tap us into talent from across the globe. Our library resources for music and sound effects are vast. Whether it’s a documentary, TV commercial, radio spot, industrial or custom jingle, the right sound design can make all the difference. Sound good?



Augmented Library Music:

Kalamazoo|Battle Creek Airport “Come Fly With Us”

Unique Score

Original Scores and Music:

W. K. Kellogg Foundation “Africa”

Lawrence Productions – Original Music


BHS Auto Owners “Laughing Gas”

Borgess Medical Center “No Waiting”

GFS Marketplace “Image Radio Spot”

Sound Design:

Baltimore Hospice “Walk With Me”

Eaton “Reliability”


Kalamazoo|Battle Creek Airport “GRRR-AHHH”

Katie Brown Workshop Excerpt “Kids”